maddie (echofades) wrote in vash_daily,

110; livin' up the same old moment.

Tags: 2006, apparel: retro meaning 3 years ago, apparel: white, aw: so tiny, aw: they look like children, expression: smiling, lol: free stuff, omg they fucking love: shoulder-touching, van: goodness so cute
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AHHOMG MADDIE, it's like they look exactly the same but completely different, my mind is fucked inside out because I swore I saw everything and there are still parts of their pasts that I haven't caught up on. Anywayyyyy, the continuing evolution of those faces!!!
I LOVE THIS ENTIRE COMMENT! YESSS in reply to everything. It's weird to see pictures like this and think about them. We think we know so much but really it's such TINY fraction.